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I, Andrey V. Ivanov, was born in August already far 1974 in Moscow in completely usual family of mechanical factory workers. I am married. One son.

In 1996 I have finished with distinction department of Heat Transfer and Heat Power of Metallurgical Manufacture of Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys (MISA) with assignment of qualification the engineer - metallurgist. The speciality is "Heat work, automation and ecology of industrial furnaces". Theme of diploma work is "Modelling of dispersion of harmful impurity from chimney stacks in the surface layer of the atmosphere".

In 1999 I have finished the post graduate course of MISA with PhD thesis defence. The theme of PhD work was "Development of the technique basis for estimation of wrecks consequences at chemical using plants (Integrated Iron-and-Steel Works as an example)".

The synopsis of the PhD thesis in Word for Windows format can be taken here.

After PhD defence and up to August, 2000 I worked at Safety of Vital Activity department of MISA at position of professor assistant, and then I was appointed to principal lecturer position.

Nowadays I am working in "Prioritet-Master" Ltd. at position of project manager.

Together with the PhD thesis and its synopsis I have 15 scientific publications which complete list in Russian and in English languages is given here.

The Curriculum Vitae in Russian and in English languages are also presented here.

Sphere of enthusiasms: CFD codes, physics and mathematics; military technics (aircraft, armoured vehicle technics, submarines); making scale models; World War II history; USSR and Russia history; politics; philosophy (theory of time) and psychology; analytics; home brewing; music (The Art of Noise, Depeche Mode).

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