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The given page gives an opportunity to download free-of-charge early updating Shareware version of PHOENICS-1.5. with a complete set of minimally necessary accompanying documentation. Last one was written for Shareware PHOENICS-1.4. but completely suits and for the version 1.5.

Shareware version of PHOENICS-1.5. represents advanced truncated commercial PHOENICS 1.5. version (1990) with addition of some improvements adapted in recent PHOENICS versions. The main differences Shareware PHOENICS-1.5. from Shareware PHOENICS-1.4. are more powerful improved solver and presence of menu driven interface in pre-processor SATELLITE intended for faster and convenient input of information.

Shareware PHOENICS-1.5. has significant amount of functional qualities and complete compatibility with PHOENICS Professional. It contains unique expanded family of documentary thematic libraries containing hundreds of cases, each of which can be called up as a "starting point" and then simply modified to suit each simulation. It comes as a complete package including a compact multifunctional graphic module for visualisation of simulation results with minimal technical requirements. Software is ideal for teaching and research purposes, accumulation of experience, practical approbation and easier transition to advanced (i.e. more expensive) versions.

For the moment the firm CHAM offers on its own web-server Shareware PHOENICS-1.5. VR. Despite of an opportunity to enter input data and visualise the sumulation results in a VR (Virtual Reality) mode the given updating has a lot of essential restrictions of computing, physical and mathematical kind which, telling the truth, can be removed for an additional payment. Thus, free-of-charge updating Shareware PHOENICS-1.5. VR is accented on especially demonstration and educational purposes.

Early updating of Shareware PHOENICS-1.5. submitted on this site is, in my subjective opinion, more flexible and functional release and besides the demonstration and educational purposes suits and for serious engineering and scientific calculations. However, for its reliable operation it is necessary to return to old kind MS-DOS. It is preferable the versions 6.22. Under Windows 95/98/NT the given updating of Shareware will not work. On some PC it is possible to start this updating under Windows 95/98 in MS-DOS emulation mode.

I deliberately have postponed mention about the CHAM competitors in the CFD software market up to this place. Deliberately because indisputable CHAM advantage is the presence of Shareware versions of its own programs as means for promotion of the advanced versions of PHOENICS Professional. Neither American Fluent Inc. (Fluent, Fidap, Polyflow, Icepak, Rampant, Gambit etc.) nor English Computational Dynamics Ltd. (STAR-CD) nor other firms which are making software of a similar class have such effective means. However, it is not possible to give preference a computer code at comparison of complete commercial versions of the software of contestant firms. Though each of them is positioning itself in the advertising materials as world leader on this market an objective level of the production of above mentioned firms is approximately equal.

In the conclusion I give contact information of the Russian representation of CHAM in Moscow where it is possible to receive latest information about PHOENICS and to get all its versions accessible for the moment:

The company "Science Service Center",

The Moscow Power Engineering Institute (PEI),

111250, Moscow, Krasnokazarmennaja street, 14,

Phone/fax: (007)(095)362-7360, 362-7933, (007)(095)918-1469,

Software Sales Manager: Dr. Ginevsky Alexei Phelixovich

To download Shareware PHOENICS-1.5. (3,46 Mb)

To download the Documentation for PHOENICS-1.5.  (0,18 Mb)

The downloaded files represent SFX archives. On inflating of shareware_15.exe three directories Disk1, Disk2 and Disk3 are formed which contents are to be copied on three different diskettes. Then install software by means of the file install.exe. During installation software can request the fourth diskette. In this case one should repeat installation process anew.

August 28, 2001

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