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On this page the reviews of some projects are presented. Early ones have found reflection in my PhD thesis and for whatever reasons were not properly covered in the printed editions.

Performance of the given here projects covers an interval of time from a beginning of 1999 up to middle of 2003. The reviews of old projects can be found on CHAM's web-server.

The shown here results were obtained by the group of professor B.S. Mastryukov which has been working in field of industrial safety. Group applies methods of mathematical modelling to risk analysis and prediction of emergencies consequences.

Presented reviews were performed in English, since were prepared for PHOENICS-Using Consultans Club located on CHAM's web-server. These materials were not published there because of unknown reason.

The list of the projects:

Modelling of lift-generated water vapours condensation over the wings.

Simulation of a smoke exhaust system of a heating furnace.

Simulation of the atmospheric turbulent airflow within and above roughness layer.
Information sources concerning this project are also available as presentation and paper both presented at the 9th International PHOENICS User Conference, Moscow, 23-27 September, 2002.

Modelling of liquid spill evaporation from a free surface into the atmospheric boundary layer at emergencies.

Modelling of environmental flows and buoyant vapours plumes dispersion in industrial areas at emergencies.


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