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Pic. 1. First 18 pictures of gallery were taken from my diploma work 'Modelling of dispersion of harmful impurity from chimney stacks in surface layer of the atmosphere'. In this picture one can well see the sources of contamination: two industrial stacks and road, passing along buildings. All sources discharge NOx and CO. It is depicted isosurface with NOx concentration which equal 0,085 mg/m3 at wind speed W10=2 m/s. Pic. 2. Following five pictures depict NOx ground level concentration fields and vertical destribution of NOx concentration between stack (longitudinal section of plume), and also dependence of plume size and height of its rise upon wind speed and heat fields of buildings. Pic. 3. Further information about my diploma work see in /1,2/ of my publication list. Pic. 4.
Pic. 5. Pic. 6. Pic. 7. Longitudinal section of plume at chimney stack orifice level. Pic. 8. Temperature fields in the built-up area (heat island effect).
Pic. 9. Isosurface with constant temperature 0,4 degree   (three dimensional view of heat island). Pic. 10. Detailed view of vortex zone behind the building. Pic. 11. Decay of vortex zone by heat island presence. Pic. 12. Cross section of plume at wind speed 1 m/s.

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