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January 15, 2004. The site has been relocated to This fact is due to permanent technical problems on the previous server ( and inability to support and update the site properly.

December 31, 2003. Happy New Year! New update of the site was done after long silence. Two newly realized project entries were added. First project is devoted to modelling of lift-generated water vapours condensation over the wings. Second project is related to simulation of a smoke exhaust system of a heating furnace. These projects are remarkable ones for the following reasons. Both projects have been performed using the new version of PHOENICS (v. 3.5.0.) and both projects are the first to have been fulfilled after my three years pause.
       Moreover the site style has been slightly modified. Gallery and link page have been updated.

October 10, 2002. The site was updated. First of all, the presentation and the paper both presented at the PHOENICS User Conference were added. Insignificant modifications in original web pages were adopted and some misprints in earlier provided information were removed.
       Recently I have found the web page by Eugeniy Krinitsky devoted to PHOENICS and its using in Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI).
       Freeware code Phoenics Reader V. 1.0.1 (Color) created as PHOENICS post-processing software can be downloaded from there. This code allows to produce labelled plots of numerical data in the form of graphs showing the variation of one or more variables against another variable. But Phoenics Reader does it more efficiently then standard PHOENICS postprocessor Autoplot. Besides Phoenics Reader also performs a lot of useful for PHOENICS users functions. For details I refer you to the Phoenics Reader's author.
       The code handles with phi-files of PHOENICS v.3.3 and v.3.4. Because of I have not got these PHOENICS versions I cannot taste Phoenics Reader by myself. But Eugeniy took part in Moscow PHOENICS User Conference where he reported about his code. And I can say it looked like very good and useful code.
       We shall be waiting for the new version of Phoenics Reader compatible with PHOENICS v.3.5.

September 23-27, 2002. The 9th International PHOENICS User Conference, organized by CHAM Ltd. and SSC Ltd., was successfully held under the roof of Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI). I also took part in Conference sessions. Our published in Conference Proceedings paper "Simulation of atmospheric turbulent airflow within and above roughness layer" can be taken here. The same material is also available in presentation form and can be taken here.

June 01, 2002. English version of the site was added and some inaccuracies in Russian version texts were removed.

May 08, 2002. Paper "Simulation of atmospheric turbulent airflow within and above roughness layer" was submitted to organizers of Ninth International PHOENICS User Conference.

February 12-13, 2002. Third Science-Practical Seminar "CAD and Computational Fluid Dynamics" was held in Russian-Indian Center of Computer Research (RICCR), Moscow, Russia. Seminar was organized by Russian company TESIS Ltd. Siminar was devoted to CFD computer code FlowVision and its applications.
       The seminar programme included presentations both from code developers and from FlowVision users from Russia and Ukraine which shared their experience with participants. I also was there. I wished to acquaint myself with FlowVision closer. Moreover, it was interest for me to compare FlowVision features with PHOENICS ones.

December 01, 2001. Main event of the next year! Ninth International PHOENICS User Conference will be held in Moscow, September 23-27 2002. Conference was organized by CHAM Ltd. in conjunction with Science Service Center Ltd. (SSC), Russia. Conference will be held in Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI). Detailed information can be found on CHAM and SSC web-sites.

August 28, 2001. Birthday of the site.

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